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How to Choose a Sorority Store Or Fraternity Store For Your Greek Apparel

With an abundance of Greek apparel stores to choose from, both online and local, it can be a challenge to find the right store for you! There are numerous aspects to consider when choosing a sorority store or fraternity store for your custom apparel.

Product quality and selection, cost, turn-around time, licensing, & customer service should all play into your decision when searching for Greek letter shirts, Greek sweatshirts, sorority gear, and fraternity apparel. Each Greek apparel store is distinct so it’s important to find that store that best meets your apparel needs.

Product quality and selection will likely be the most influential factor. Sometimes the decision will be made for you when shopping for fraternity apparel or sorority apparel. If the item that you are looking for is specific or unique you may only have one or two options. Other times, there may be endless choices and you may have to rely on real gallery pictures (which is always a good sign!), detailed product descriptions, and even testimonials from past customers that have purchased the same piece of Greek apparel. To ensure high quality, look for name-brand apparel, disclosed fabric weights, and a description of how the Greek apparel is made. If this information is unclear, it is best to contact the store directly to find out.

Cost is usually another strong deciding factor when choosing a Greek apparel store, however, it should not be the only factor. Because sorority apparel and fraternity apparel is typically custom made and produced in the USA, it is not going to be “cheap”. Things that typically drive up the cost are brand name apparel such as American Apparel, apparel weight – 7.75 ounce vs. 12 ounces, satin stitching vs. zig-zag stitching, sewn-on sorority letters vs. heat pressed fraternity letters, a single clothing piece vs. a large group order. Greek apparel stores can also sometimes be crafty with the price. Be conscious of the base pricing strategy some stores use. As you build your design, the cost increases. Other Greek apparel stores list a set price, so price you see listed is the price you get in your shopping cart.

Turn-around time is another aspect you should consider when searching for your Greek t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and tote bags. Some items will have already been produced and are ready to ship the minute you place your order. There are other apparel items, like sewn-on Greek letter shirts, that are not made until you place your order – these are considered custom. Custom Greek apparel can take anywhere from one day to ten days to be produced. If turn-around time needs to be quick, be sure to keep this in mind when searching for your Greek apparel store. It never hurts to contact the company directly if average production times are not listed. Sometimes the sorority store or fraternity store can even rush your order!

Many national fraternities and sororities have trademarked their sorority letters and fraternity letters and require vendors to be licensed in order to sell their gear. They are represented by a consulting firm whose job is to maintain high quality control standards with each of the Greek apparel stores. You can look for the Greek licensing seal on the shop’s website or somewhere inside your local store.

Sometimes, it can be the customer service from a particular company that sets them apart from the rest. You may connect with a helpful sales rep or just be impressed with the time in which they respond to an e-mail inquiry (which should be within 24 hours). Look for positive indicators like these when choosing your sorority shop or fraternity shop!

With so many options available, it’s important to invest a little time and energy in choosing the right store for you. It will likely pay off when you receive a good-looking piece of greek apparel that you are proud to wear!

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